Here you will find selected articles from Health Populi, notable white papers, presentations and articles (some in PDF) that I have written regarding the Internet, social media and new ways of thinking about health and health care:

Health Social Networks
Mobile and Telehealth

Business of Health

Health Care IT

Health Care Consumers

Health Reform

Pharma and Life Sciences
Retail Health
Depression and it’s treatment
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The Wisdom of Patients: Health Care Meets Online Social Media

Trust Driving People to Web Social Networks for Health Info

Participatory Health: online and mobile tools help chronically ill manage their care

Health 2.0: It’s Not a Noun, It’s a Verb, a Movement

Healthcare Unwired: Nearly Half of US Consumers are Willing to Pay

Digital Directives Could Aid End-of-Life Care (in honor of my Father)

Health 2.0: Is Pharma Stuck in a Health 1.0 World?

How smartphones are changing health care for consumers and providers

Mobile Health Search is on the Rise, but Not Yet at Tipping Point

Mobile Health and the FDA: What WellDoc’s Approval Means

Telehealth Beginning to Go Mainstream, but Long Road Lies Ahead

Right Here, Right Now: Ten Telehealth Pioneers Make It Work

Payment Changes Needed to Increase Telehealth Adoption

From here to maternity: birth of an online marketing campaign

Wal-Mart and the $4 Generic Rx

Making the Grade: Report Cards and Retail Health

No Time Like the Present to Think the Unthinkable

Transparency and the Health of Health Care

Briefing on national survey of consumers and health IT

The Prescription Infastructure: Are We Ready for ePrescribing

2011 Health IT Forecast: Balancing Techno-Optimism with Local Realities

Connectedness, Communities, Capital – Putting HITECH in Context

Health care is local: in search of meaning at HIMSS ’10

Chaos and Creation in Health IT

The New American Health Citizen – Implications for PHRs and Privacy (Testimony to the NCVHS)

Grandma’s a Teenager: The Importance of Digital Age

Smart People, Smarter Patients – An Introduction to the Internet, Social Media, and Health

Most Americans Have Self-Rationed Health Care Due to Cost

The Wal-Martization of Health Care: the growing role of value for consumers

Participatory Health: the emerging era of engaged health consumers

Research Data Show Variations in E-Health Behaviors

Health Politics: scenarios to 2012

Washington Post Healthcare Rx Panel

The Human Face of Pharma – Fostering Innovation in Health Care, in Chemical and Engineering News

The Prescription Infrastructure: Are We Ready for e-Prescribing?

That’s Dr. Geek Squad to You!
Will people see “health” when they see “Walmart?”
Walmart and Dr. Sam: A retail player in accountable care in 2015
Women and Walmart: eating Sephora’s and Ulta’s lunch in the post-recession economy
Walmart’s leading role in health care, now as PBM
Walmart, Caterpillar, and growing brand equity in health
Report cards and retail health

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