Consumer engagement 30 years on: still experimenting

When citizens have more financial skin in the health care game, do they behave more like consumers — looking for and finding value-based health care? And will that behavior lower health care costs? According to 30 years of this social experiment, the jury is still out. But value-based plans may be emerging as a useful […]

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Health costs as a global competitive disadvantage – the Business Roundtable speaks

“The problem with the U.S. health care market is that it doesn’t really function as a market – it leaves major consumer needs unmet, costs unchecked by competition and basic practices untouched by the productivity revolution that has transformed every other sector of the economy.” That quote isn’t from a Marxist-leaning, left-wing political operative — […]

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Hospitals' fiscal health is eroding

The current economic state of the American consumer-citizen is directly impacting the fiscal health of the American hospital.As fewer patients are seeking care for hospital services, providers are struggling to make ends meet. Over 50% of hospitals had a negative total margin in the fourth quarter of 2008; the year before, 31% of hospitals had […]

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Can Wal-Mart Mass Merchandise Electronic Health Records?

“We believe America can have high quality, affordable and accessible health care by 2012.” Who said that? If you guessed President Obama, Senator Edward Kennedy, or Hillary Clinton, you’re wrong. It’s Wal-Mart, on its Health and Wellness webpage. Wal-Mart’s got a new direct-to-physician strategy: selling electronic health records (EHRs). The world’s largest retailer, #1 on […]

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Most Americans are worried about affording health care

2 in 3 Americans are concerned about being able to afford health care and prescription drugs. While middle-aged Americans aged 45-54 are the most concerned (76% of the cohort), even 54% of younger people between 18 and 34 years of age are worried about health care costs.HarrisInteractive/HealthDay’s latest suvey into personal health economics finds that […]

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