Health engagement and patient activation – people want to connect with providers, suppliers, and experts

Globally, people are looking to engage with health providers, plans, and product suppliers — up-close and very personal.That’s the top-line finding from the first Health Trust Barometer survey sponsored by Edelman, the global communications company that launched the influential Trust Barometer inEdelman’s researchers talked to citizens in five countries — the US, UK, Russia, China, […]

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Uninsurance will increase; and the lonely job of being a governor who seeks to insure the uninsured

Today, the loneliest job in American isn’t being the Maytag repair man. And the hardest job in America isn’t necessarily the Presidency. It’s being a state governor. Take Pennsylvania (the state I call my home). Governor Ed Rendell sought the position with an explicit goal of expanding health insurance to uninsured Pennsylvanians. After two years […]

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Prescription drug use often depends on "affordability"; true for 1 in 4 lower income patients with late-stage cancer

The top reasons that physicians believe patients don’t take medicines as prescribed are (1) affordability and (2) patients believing they don’t need the meds. AstraZeneca has surveyed 200 physicians about patients and prescription adherence and found the following given as reasons for not taking meds: Affordability (20%) Patient does not feel they need the medication […]

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Trusting strangers: implications for health

Welcome to the new influence landscape, says Universal McCann (UM), the global media agency. In When Did We Start Trusting Strangers: The How the Internet Turned Us All into Influencers, UM analyzed the online behaviors of thousands of Internet users in 29 countries. UM found that today, we trust strangers as much as close friends. […]

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From Asheville NC to England — bribing people to seek health care

The National Health Service wants to launch a program in the UK that would provide cash payments to citizens to incentivize them to see their primary care doctors to deal with health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. National Health Service managers are looking to get higher-risk patients into the system sooner for […]

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