Getting people to use health-y tools

Here’s the recipe for making a health-oriented consumer-facing health decision tool that gets traction: the secrets in the sauce that get health citizens to use self-care tools are trust, usability, and branding. It also takes luck in timing and, by the way, helps to come from outside of the health industry. For sustained success, the […]

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Our bodies, our health information, ourselves – A Declaration of Health Data Rights

There are a million stories in the naked city when it comes to personal health information…many of which end up very badly. At the very point in our lives when when we’re fighting for our life, or for the life or ‘good death’ of our loved one, we too-often find ourselves also fighting to access […]

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Economic pressures facing average Americans are increasing pressure for health reform

55% of Americans have taken at least one action to delay medical care because of cost in the past year, according to the June 2009 Kaiser Health Tracking Poll.Most prevalent strategies for health cost avoidance include relying on home remedies and over-the-counter drugs instead of seeing a doctor, skipping dental care, postponing getting health care […]

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Advertising and retail health – ad clutter expands its footprint

“Advertising carried on blood pressure monitors at 20,000 stores reaches more than 1 million users a day,” a press release from Lifeclinic International boasted this week. According to the Lifeclinic website, “the blood pressure monitor is free for consumers to use. So it’s no surprise that our blood pressure monitors are a recognized consumer destination, […]

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One-third of Americans have lost confidence in their health system

Most Americans believe that in fixing health care, we’ll be addressing the economy. This, according to a new Index of American health citizens’ confidence in the health economy. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation joins forces with the Center for Social Research at the University of Michigan (SRC) to bring this innovative measurement tool to policymakers […]

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