Health care inflation: thoughts on PwC’s health cost forecast for 2009

2009 will see health cost inflation of nearly 10%, according to PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC’s) report, Behind the Numbers: Medical Cost Trends for 2009. Medical inflation ran about 10% in 2007, as well.   PwC says that since the mid-1960s, the biggest jumps in the percentage of GDP allocated to health care in the U.S. happen during […]

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Rx for health: broadband?

Would pushing broadband out to the furthest reaches of rural America fill gaps in health care? A project in Pennsylvania thinks so. ConnecttheDocs is a Pennsylvania Medical Society project that is expanding broadband to physicians who are without it. Those docs with ‘lower’ broadband might also have access to faster quality speeds. The goal: to […]

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The Talking Cure: what the U.S. can learn from the U.K. in healthcare

The relationship between patients and doctors is fundamentally changing. Transparency in medical records, patients’ accessibility to health information online, online social media driving patient-to-patient conversations…these are at the base of the future of healthcare. This, according to a thought-provoking report addressing the evolving nature of patients vis-à-vis physicians in the National Health Service (NHS) in […]

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What if Purina went into the human health insurance market?

Nestle’s Purina has decided to expand the prominent pet food brand into pet health insurance. According to MediaPost‘s coverage of the story, the new insurance product will be called PurinaCare. It will offer a portfolio of insurance products with varied premiums and deductibles, covering “everything from routine vaccinations and flea and tick medications to major […]

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Small business and health care costs – 25 years of hurt

The cost of health insurance is the #1 problem cited by small business owners. Health costs beat gas prices, the #2 most severe problem cited by small business, as of March 2008 (when the survey was conducted). This week, small business leaders convened at the annual National Small Business Summit conference of the National Federation […]

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