HIMSS, Day 2 – here comes Everybody – but where are they going?

Clay Shirkey wrote the book, Here Comes Everybody, and yesterday he focused his theme on ‘Here Comes Every Patient.’ Shirkey’s theme is that “everybody” — from my 12 year old daughter and her Gen X/Gen Y mentors, to the 80-year old grandma who Googles — is pressuring institutions and organizations to deal with them on […]

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HIMSS, Day 1 – from "Momentous" to HIT Momentum

If it’s April in Chicago and it’s snowing it must be HIMSS. Say, what? Usually the annual meeting of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is held in February in some lovely southern climate, like Florida, Georgia or Southern California. This year, the HIMSS organizers thought they’d try out the association’s home base […]

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Chronic conditions and medical debt grow, and some employers get targeted

Americans’ problems paying medical bills are increasing, especially for those people managing chronic conditions. In 2007, 3 in 10 people with chronic conditions were in families with problems paying medical bills, compared to 21% of people in 2003. According to Financial and Health Burdens of Chronic Conditions Grow, a Tracking Report from The Center for […]

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Unemployment and uninsurance – no recovery in sight?

The ‘official’ US unemployment stats for March will be published on April 3, but several data sources assert that the US labor market worsened again in March. One from ADP, the company that processes one in six payments for US workers, calculates a loss of 668,000 jobs in March ’09. Dow Jones Newswires’ survey predicts […]

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Health providers are most trusted for handling health information

As electronic health records get a starring role in the economic stimulus package in the U.S., Americans are thinking through who to trust with their personal health data. 3 in 4 Americans trust health providers above all other “data stewards” for handling their personally identified information, according to a BBC America survey conducted by The […]

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