How daily living can populate a personal health record

“Patients are a largely untapped resource of medical data,” according to Farzad Mostashari, MD, MSPH, assistant commissioner with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. One of the biggest challenges in implementing a personal health record (PHR) is how to get a person’s health data into the record. The solution lies in […]

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Stakeholders want more, more more: an appetite for information in health care

Consumers, employers, payers and providers agree that information flows are critical to helping stem health care costs. While there is shared concern about health care costs, there is also a shared desire for more, accessible information and better online tools for managing it. TriZetto‘s report, Research Shows Healthcare Market Constituents Seek Information as Key to […]

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Sustainable healthcare: IBM's new delivery models

“The paths of healthcare systems in many countries are increasingly unsustainable.” This judgment provides the context for a new report from IBM in its Healthcare 2015 series, Healthcare 2015 and care delivery: delivery models refined, competencies defined.“Unsustainability” in health care comes in the guises of health cost growth, quality problems and preventable errors, lack of […]

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Health care inflation: thoughts on PwC’s health cost forecast for 2009

2009 will see health cost inflation of nearly 10%, according to PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC’s) report, Behind the Numbers: Medical Cost Trends for 2009. Medical inflation ran about 10% in 2007, as well.   PwC says that since the mid-1960s, the biggest jumps in the percentage of GDP allocated to health care in the U.S. happen during […]

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Rx for health: broadband?

Would pushing broadband out to the furthest reaches of rural America fill gaps in health care? A project in Pennsylvania thinks so. ConnecttheDocs is a Pennsylvania Medical Society project that is expanding broadband to physicians who are without it. Those docs with ‘lower’ broadband might also have access to faster quality speeds. The goal: to […]

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