One-third of Americans have lost confidence in their health system

Most Americans believe that in fixing health care, we’ll be addressing the economy. This, according to a new Index of American health citizens’ confidence in the health economy. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation joins forces with the Center for Social Research at the University of Michigan (SRC) to bring this innovative measurement tool to policymakers […]

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Health care costs for dummies: some costs you might not have thought about

This week, a report from the Congressional Budget Office tells us that if Senator Kennedy’s health care plan were to be implemented, 16 million Americans might still be uninsured even after the nation spent $1 trillion for a package meant to deliver universal coverage. CBO budget director Douglas Elmendorf told USA Today, “It’s going to […]

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WaPo hosts diverse panel of health reform pundits…including me

What newspaper is better positioned than the Washington Post to host a bunch of people who observe health to respond to Big Questions facing health reformers and citizens in 2009? It’s the Washington Post’s Healthcare Rx series. On a weekly basis, you can read what these people have to stay about a broad range of […]

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Confidence in the U.S. health system decreases as Americans look to the future

  Most Americans are confident that their employers will continue to offer health benefits. Whether people will be able to afford to purchase them on their own is an entirely different matter.   The blue and the red bars graphically tell this story: the blue ‘confidence’ bars say people have faith that employers and unions […]

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Infection prevention is a casualty of the recession

  U.S. hospital finances are so stretched in the current recession, infection prevention efforts have begun to be curtailed.   32% of health facilities say that reductions in staffing and infection prevention (IP) departments have reduced their capacity to deal with IP in their institutions. The Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology (APIC) […]

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