Health reform and healthy food

While the policy wonks and economists and legislators and lobbyists convene to come to “yes” on a coherent approach to health reform for America, there is some (literally) low-hanging fruit that will help the nation bend the health cost curve: it’s healthy eating. Last year, the only two stocks on the Dow Jones Index that […]

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The economic downturn's impact on employer-sponsored health benefits

Employers providing health insurance to employees continue to focus on workers’ health and productivity, despite economic decline and the need to cut costs. This is good news for 2009. 2010 may be a different story, depending on the length and depth of the recession. Hewitt’s 10th Annual Health Care Report, Challenges for Health Care in […]

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As DTC ads recede, Rx-email grows for value and support

Most people who receive email messages from pharmaceutical companies tend to like it. 9 in 10 believe it’s a good way to learn about new products entering the market — nearly as many people as those who like receiving travel offers via email. This finding comes from Epsilon‘s Email Branding Study, released in early March […]

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Patient Satisfaction with Docs is Up, and Quality Could Follow

Patients have spoken, and they really like their care providers. It’s good news for medical practices that patient satisfaction is on the rise, and has been for the past year. As practices pay attention to consumer-facing issues like waiting room times, ease of scheduling, and, yes, exam room manners, patients get more satisfied with care. […]

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The #1 fear among Americans in the recession is job loss; health costs follow

American consumer sentiment over the past year feels and looks like a rollercoaster ride in freefall, ever driving downward as the chart shows. It’s jobs and health costs forcing the downward trajectory. More than stock market declines and saving for retirement, Americans fear two things most in this recession: losing their job, and the costs […]

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