Health Brands Aren't Very Social

In the top 100 most social brands determined by Vitrue, not a single one is directly related to health or health care.Among the most visible industry sectors in top 100 are: Automobile manufacturers (Ford, Honda, Lincoln, GM and Mercedes rank highest among the autos). All-things-Apple including the #1 socially-ranking iPhone, #3 Apple corporate, #7 iPod, […]

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Wal-Mart’s wearing a new hat: health care advocate

Nearly 100% of Wal-Mart’s staff is covered by health insurance, either through the company itself or through another source. Covered “associates” reached a total of 94.5% this month, compared with 92.7% last year.   The total proportion of Wal-Mart employees covered by Wal-Mart’s plans at the end of open enrollment was 51.8%. Uninsured Wal-Mart employees […]

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Health and mobile phones – not a luxury in the economic downturn

The Mobile Phone Congress is buzzing in Barcelona, and there are signs that the sector is healthier than other parts of the global economy. Despite the downturn in economies ’round the world, mobile phones are a bright spot bringing happy ringtones to the otherwise dismal forecast in consumer spending. According to Nielsen’s research into the […]

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Americans support elements of ObamaHealth – but lack faith in Congress

Federal negotiations on prescription drug prices, covering kids’ health care, and requiring insurance companies to accept people with pre-existing health conditions are among the most popular elements of President Obama’s health reform platform among all Americans. However, tempering the public’s majority support for these health plan ideas, Americans don’t have much confidence in Congress these […]

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Patients are driving generic drug use; doctors follow through

Virtually all doctors are worried that patients aren’t filling their prescriptions. In addition to not filling Rx’s, physicians are most concerned about patients’ skipping doses, splitting pills, discontinuing other treatments, sharing prescriptions, and taking expired meds.Physician survey on generic drug use, a survey from Epocrates, the clinical decision support company. As the chart shows, doctors’ […]

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