We’re officially in a Recession; momentum for health reform grows

We’re in a recession; actually, we’ve been in one for the past year, but no official agency decided to tell us. Perhaps “they” wanted to wait until after the November ’08 Presidential election?   The declaration of recession is the official news from The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), whose mind-numbingly-titled press release, Determination […]

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Cyberchondria: a short history, Microsoft's systematic study, and Wikipedia could be health-risky

The concept of “cyberchondria” is not new. My first exposure to the term was through a study by Harris Interactive in 2002 which conducted a global cyberchondria study comparing health citizens online in the France, Germany, Japan and the U.S. The study defined cyberchrondriacs as “people who use the Internet for health purposes.” Harris’s poll […]

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Engage with Grace – toward improving the end-of-life journey for all

In this season of thanks, I am thankful to my wonderful parents, Chuck and Polly Sarasohn. They both had challenging end-of-life struggles — Dad in 2007, and Mom in 1979. I highlighted Dad’s unfortunate experience with an overlooked DNR order while in a congestive heart failure inpatient unit in an iHealthBeat column, Digital Diretives Could […]

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The Month of the Mom – Recession, Re-invention, Food and Health

Moms represent a $2.1 trillion market, according to the Marketing to Moms Coalition. “Dear Marketers, Recession is the mother of invention,” begins a full-page ad in the November 17, 2008, Advertising Age magazine. The ad promotes Cookie magazine, a monthly targeted to mothers with the tag-line, “Life. Style. Family.” I’ve thought a lot about Moms […]

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Will a $1,000 deductible ration health care utlization among the insured?

Employers shifted more out-of-pocket health costs to employees in 2008 while holding benefit cost increases to about 6%, according to Mercer, the benefits consulting firm. The most striking single piece of data that came out of Mercer’s annual National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans is that the median deductible for employees enrolled in a PPO […]

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