Bureaucrats pay half the deductibles that construction workers do

73.3 million Americans are enrolled in employer-sponsored health insurance. Two in 3 of these enrollees were in a plan that required them to meet an annual deductible. The average annual deductible for a single insured was $682 in 2006, and $1,300 for a family deductible.The lowest deductibles were paid by people working in state and […]

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A year of blogging, health-y

The healthworld is flat. Every day, health and health care evolve based on new technologies, learnings, and people getting smarter. Health events are among the most frequently published stories in the news. There’s so much that impacts health that isn’t health care, per se. Gas prices do impact everyday life, including health choices. And, health […]

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Not-so-transparent: early days for consumer tools on health price and quality

Providing price and quality information is viewed as a Holy Grail among health plans and providers, who see transparency as the key for igniting health care consumerism. However, that Grail remains elusive, as issues of tool usefulness and consumer trust cloud the market. A Health Plan Work in Progress: Hospital-Physician Price and Quality Transparency, a […]

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WHO speaks out on the social determinants of health: universal health access and beyond

The lower one’s socioeconomic position, the worse the person’s health. This is the sobering finding in a landmark report published but the World Health Organization (WHO), Closing the gap in a generation: Health equity through action on the social determinants of health. While children born in Japan can live beyond 80 years, and newborns in […]

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The cost of beauty, an American obsession

About $7 billion is spent each year on cosmetics. Another $1.5 billion is spent on breast augmentation, $1.3 billion on lipoplasty, and nearly $1 billion on abdominoplasty — aka, “tummy tucks.” Beauty At Any Cost is an important report from the YWCA. The organization has quantified the economic costs of the never-ending search for ‘beauty,’ […]

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