Does "patient knowledge" lead to inappropriate care? Better empowering health information-seeking patients

4 in 10 cancer patients sought information via the Internet, according to a new study to be published in the April 1, 2009, issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Cancer. The downside of information-seeking cancer patients, according to the study, is that 1 in 4 of these patients received the drugs off-label — that is, for […]

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The economy is rationing health IT spending – implications for ARRA

We’re living in the hype cycle of the HIT portion of the economic stimulus package. Lest we get too carried away, a survey sponsored by NCR reminds us that hospitals are rationing their health IT spending in 2009.Only 15% of hospital leaders say the economy is having ‘no effect’ on their IT spending. Otherwise, 36% […]

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Time is of the essence — ARRA as HIT-adoption stimulus bill

“The world changed yesterday at 1 pm Mountain time,” Steve Lieber, President of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), told over 1,500 attendees of a webinar on February 18. These new times, Lieber said, “will require our vendor community to react a little bit differently and change business practices.” Lieber said that health information […]

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Health Brands Aren't Very Social

In the top 100 most social brands determined by Vitrue, not a single one is directly related to health or health care.Among the most visible industry sectors in top 100 are: Automobile manufacturers (Ford, Honda, Lincoln, GM and Mercedes rank highest among the autos). All-things-Apple including the #1 socially-ranking iPhone, #3 Apple corporate, #7 iPod, […]

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Wal-Mart’s wearing a new hat: health care advocate

Nearly 100% of Wal-Mart’s staff is covered by health insurance, either through the company itself or through another source. Covered “associates” reached a total of 94.5% this month, compared with 92.7% last year.   The total proportion of Wal-Mart employees covered by Wal-Mart’s plans at the end of open enrollment was 51.8%. Uninsured Wal-Mart employees […]

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